Foot Golf installation and design

FootGolf Design and Installation

New to the industry of sport and leisure; the incredibly fun game of FootGolf breaks into the market, creating a wave of excitement amongst the holidaymakers, golfers and footballers alike. Mixing golf and football like no other game, the best features of both pastimes are evident to see, as well as, being entertaining to take part.

The concept of the game makes it both ambitious and fun, challenging family and friends to play competitively. Newly found skills are the strategy to success, resulting in a win; power and stamina play no part, which makes FootGolf versatile as well as appealing to all walks of life.

Fresh and contemporary, the sport of FootGolf is creating a buzz, as players are finding the time to engage in an activity that has the concept of two outstanding games without the endurance sapping energy of football, or time factor of golf.

Design and Creation of a FootGolf Course

Being versatile, interchangeable adaptions can be made to existing golf courses to allow for access of FootGolf. However, a small investment could be made to design and create your own course, without having to alter, make adaptions to or spoil an existing golf course. Also, resulting in more profits as both courses can operate side by side.

Thrusting the football, the same distance as driving a golf ball is not possible, which is another valid reason why a specially designed FootGolf course is a better alternative than the use of an adapted golf course. Both options can be beneficial, depending on your needs as a customer.

The design theme and creation of a FootGolf course is carefully planned with your ideas and our design team. Spaces to accommodate the course can vary in size and shape, depending on your budget. Working together with yourselves means that you will have the finished course, exactly as you envisioned, meaning profits should soon increase.

Our team of experts in their field are experienced and have a great knowledge of the golfing industry. All materials used are of the highest quality and handmade fixtures and fittings to suit the theme are tailored to the course design. The very best synthetic turf also adds the bonus feature of needing little or no maintenance to your finished course. Durable and versatile in all weathers, as well as being, well manufactured and built to last. Hence the reason why, future profits are forecast to be great.

We have designed some of the best adventure golf courses to date of which include Captain Bay’s Adventure Golf in London and Highfields Park Adventure Golf in Nottingham. We are now in the process of  creating a FootGolf course in Nottingham 

Should you require the service of Showcase Greens, to refresh an existing course or design and create a whole new course for FootGolf we would be pleased to receive your call. Contact out sales team for an enquiry, quote or a booking on 01482 762422 or email

Rules of FootGolf

The few rules of FootGolf make the game simple and easy to follow, adding to it’s already increasing popularity. Resembling golf in many ways, the idea of scoring is similar; the ball lands in a specially placed cup, which is 53.5cm, or 21 inches in diameter. The lowest amount of strikes on the ball increasing the chances of a win.

As opposed to regular golf, the ball needed to participate is a Number 5 regulation football and the club with which you strike the ball is removed and replaced by kicking with your own feet. Hence, the concept of football. Typically played over 9 or 18 holes, completed the course with the least amount of shots wins the game.

Playing the game of FootGolf

The equipment needed to play FootGolf is basic, yet best of all inexpensive. For example, including only: scoresheet, pencil, regulation number 5 football and of course, family and friends of any skill level.

Beginning the game takes place from the tee box on each hole and sees players kicking the ball nearer to the objective. Water hazards and bunkers are in site and prove challenging to bypass. Landing in a bunker or water will almost certainly add shots to your scorecard and therefore should be avoided at all costs.

Shorter yardage holes are not in place to make the game easier, they are more beneficial to ease of play as the game requires a similar amount of skill to golf. The average distance from tee off to the holes are averaged around 160 yards and pars tend to be set around 5 shots.

New Photo’s Of Our New FootGolf Course At Highfields Adventure Golf