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Specialist Adventure Golf Design, Build & Run Services

Adventure Golf Courses are a clever and effective way to bring in new visitors and revenue, as well as, increasing profits to a multitude of existing premises. These can include: Golf Courses and Leisure Parks, Driving Ranges and Putting Greens, as well as, other Council Owned premises or projects. Adventure Golf is fast becoming a welcomed addition to many existing golf courses and leisure parks, firstly, because the return of investment is remarkably high and secondly, because little or zero maintenance is required once the Adventure Golf Course is installed. Therefore, having an adventure golf course on your premises will almost certainly be profitable and easy to run; the perfect business strategy!

Adventure Golf has been growing in popularity and is now in high demand, especially with families amongst the leisure park and golfing industry. Even more so, the themed courses are on the increase too. Families and friends are captivated and engaged by the new and fresh themes being adopted into Adventure Golf. Having the idea of a course and a theme in mind is a good place to start consulting and sharing ideas with the planning team before the installation gets started. Budgeting and planning, being personal, unique and dependant on your circumstances, you can have as little or as much involvement as you need with the planning team.

The team are all capable of planning, designing and installing amazing courses independently but are also respectful and welcome fresh new ideas and client involvement, throughout the whole design and build process. You want an exciting adventure golf course that gives families and friends an enjoyable experience. We want you to succeed, as well as, seeing the returns from your investment flowing back.


In-House Design

Adventure Golf Solutions see the planning and development stage of the build process with professionalism and recognise its extreme importance. Hence the reason why, input and involvement from you is both encouraged and welcomed. The planning stage is where the concept of the course idea or theme is shaped, nurtured and developed into an amazing build plan. Adventure golf courses with a special theme are real crowd pleasers. The Pirate, Jungle and Sea themes seem to be the most exciting courses creating a demand for more. With countless years of experience on many similar projects, the planning and design team will happily share their stories and experiences, allowing you to have the best insight and forecasts of the future build. Perfect adventure golf courses do not magically appear, they are worked at and tinkered with in the planning and development stages until they become achievable goals. Highly technical fixtures and fittings are made and tested in-house by the build team, therefore, making sure that the course build runs smoothly and unhindered.

The planning, development and build teams will work alongside you throughout the entire project. We will always be on hand to see the customer satisfied and the finished product successful. No two courses are identical, and budgets are highly respected, our teams are extremely professional and work with you to keep the build on track. Solutions are always available if your allotted budget is straining, some customers prepare their land and turf themselves before the build, to avoid over-stretching their finances. Adventure Golf Solutions Ltd are understanding with finances and can still offer great money saving ideas with shaping turfs and grassing greens as we specialise in artificial grass. Every adventure golf course differs with the shape and layout, be it 9 or 18 holes, but the planning, development and build teams will have everything covered!

Adventure golf course
adventure Golf Final Build

Superior Build Quality – High Grade Materials & Advanced Installers

Upon reaching the end of the planning stage, the development team will be happy to assign you a personal manager to guide you through the remaining development and build stages. Adventure Golf Solutions Ltd will then create the planned design as you watch with excitement, knowing that the Install Manager has the development in hand and running on schedule. Extremely skilful, professional and competent too; the Install Manager will also ensure that the budget is not breached, that build times are accurate and that the course is installed in accordance to his standards of excellence. Only the materials of high quality and durability are fit for purpose when building and installing an adventure golf course. An expected high-quality course means that poor tools and shoddy materials have no place here and that corners will not be cut!

There are some fine and high-quality professional looking artificial grasses on the market; these are well worth considering for the finished course. For example, high graded grasses can be used; like the Nylon Putting Grass, which feels amazing underfoot. Top quality and Award-Winning Fringe Grasses give a spectacular finishing touch to complete an amazing course. High standard aggregates match the superiority of the build plan, as well as, the hand designed, themed upright displays and props finish the build with elegance. You will be amazed with the completed installation.

Self Build & Management Services

Adventure Golf Solutions Ltd have already designed and created two major Adventure Golf Courses, as well as, overseeing the running of them both successfully. Having these valuable skills and insight has not only shaped the company to be even more successful, but also has opened-up a world of possibilities for designing, creating and running more prosperous projects for the future. Professionalism and success come to those who demand it and our company has certainly attained the knowledge and skills along their journey to create spectacular adventure golf courses with both class and elegance. The service which you will receive is highly regarded as one of the best in the market and protection of your investments is a priority feature.

Case Study – Highfields Park Adventure Golf

Highfields Park Adventure Golf was a major success story for our company, that we are happy to share. During 2017 there was to be a complete overhaul of the parks surrounding Nottingham. In early May, the grand opening of Highfields Park Adventure Golf was revealed to the public and the finished course was supreme and beautiful, showing off it’s 26 mm Wonder Yarn Artificial Grass and consociate WetPour pathways. Nottingham was the actual theme for the 18 holed golf course and the holes each resembled key aspects of the local area. High quality ersatz golf greens and fringe grasses were supplied and installed by Adventure Golf Solutions Ltd over the 1200 metre of allotted course area. Hence the reason why, the ‘Which? Best Buy Award 2016’ was won. Visitors came from around the nation to see the opening and play the brand-new course, over the May Bank Holiday Weekend, which was a major success as there were countless thousands of visitors to the town.

There was a vision and a plan for Nottingham that came together like a hand in a glove, and the project to create and install the Highfields Park Adventure Golf Course was an honour to be a part of. During the same period, there were other re-developments happening too. The bowling greens and croquet lawns were modernised and re-turfed, as well as, the famous boating house, located by the lake too. Many local heroes and heroines were seen throughout the project; Robin Hood and Maid Marion were popular and featured regularly. But also, the inclusion of the sporting teams was great to see. There were cricket and football team designed props, emblems and signage…. All were adding to the atmosphere.

Interviews with local business owners and Highfields Park officials were undertaken and a lot of media coverage promoted the event. For example, local resident and Highfields Park Adventure Golf Site Manager, Jordan Foster quoted “Our first weekend was very successful, with people commenting on the local design of the golf course. Visitors also mentioned how good the quality of the Golf surface is. The golf course will be popular with families for some summer fun.” Also, Josh Bartlett; a local resident and Highfields Park Project Manager, quoted “I have worked on many golf courses with my team. This one (in particular), was fun to work on because of the local themes design. The location is also fantastic and the project to revamp Highfields Park will help to attract more people to the area. Artificial Grass is ideal for golf courses because it is resilient and durable under all weather conditions. The synthetic surface doesn’t become muddy or damaged in bad weather like natural grass does.”

The ongoing visitors and tourism in the renovated Highfields Park, as well as, the town of Nottingham itself, has created yet more demand to redevelop the park even further. Now an amazing Mini FootGolf Course, with 9 holes adjoins the existing Highfields Park Adventure Golf Course, which compliments it beautifully.

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